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DYI flocking

Hey I was poking around for DIY ideas for trees and brush and came across this tip for making flocking. It would make great ground cover or even ground finer it could be used to flock filter materiel trees. This uses pencil shavings and paint. Cheap cheap. great idea

after watching a few more videos these guys are making very nice flocking out of saw dust from the table saw and also old coffee grounds. The mesh strainer they uses yields some courser stuff but window screen would size it down even more. I have a little cheap spice grinder that would powder it. This is a great cheap way to get flocking.

Devon, you might take a look here:

there are mentioned one or two ideas about green things.

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Hey korm thanks for that link. I haven’t even made it too the green stuff yet. But am picking up.many good tips. I love your creative use of the ordinary. The thatched roof is great and the grass. All good stuff again thanks.

OK the bark on the wire trees is a neat idea.


I particularly like this tree

I assume this is using the 2 parts oil based paint, 2 parts fine sand, i part saw dust for the bark. Then are you suing that moss just glued to the branches? Any painting of the moss or added flocking (yes Rooster I said flocking). Most of our forests have big tall pines that Ty’s pine tree methods (filter fabric on dowels) will work well for. But we do have a particular tree called a Limber Pine at higher elevations that this tree would make a great example of.

Also will make a great larger bush as well.

This is a flocking good post… I mean good flocking post … I mean…Oh, nevermind

After using a couple of techniques I can make some observations. The color of the media your using makes a ton of difference. Coffee grounds being dark yields a very dark color and saw dust from pine yields a very light color. I made two different greens with the same acrylic paint and ended up with very different results.

Also David M made the wise observation about coffee grounds potentially producing mold. So far I haven’t seen any but its only been a month.

All and all both work great. And my diorama smells like coffee