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Durango & Jasper, spring pruning 2024

Nancy Norris was just here tuning up my garden. She did a great job as usual. Here are some pics.

A new little garden near Casey’s Saloon:

And some other random pictures:

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Looks great. I’m jealous of the environment that allows you to keep all those alive and thriving. I have one Sedum that really likes my RR, most everything else is a struggle. Just not enough sun/

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The town where I live is called Pleasanton, and it is.

Expensive, but pleasant.

It was awesome to sit in the garden today, in the 60s, sunny, nicely curated by Nancy and her partner in pruning.

Didn’t even need a train running!


Your artistry worth models deserves Nancy’s magic with plants! I cannot wait to see pictures with the RR brought fully to life!


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Jim, your layout keeps growing more and more amazing, in both big and small things. Awesome job, everywhere.

How great it must be to work with Nancy, wow, I’m jealous.

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Very nice, one of the best garden RR I have seen with plants, etc. all used to look so natural in the railroad.

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The pike has really filled in nicely since last year Jim :sunglasses:

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Thanks, guys, for the kind and encouraging words. From a plant perspective, all such props should go to Nancy. She took my vague goals and made them happen in a much better way than I could.

I will try to post more pics from other parts of the pike.

And I’ll try to keep from killing all the plants. So far, I have managed. Phew!