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Durango & Jasper video tour

Given the pandemic, it is hard to visit railroads, so I thought I’d post a virtual layout tour to illustrate the last couple of years of work on the Durango & Jasper. Gave me an excuse to work with my son too, who did the videography and advised on the editing.


(, boy that plant life has really done well, looks great, thanks for sharing that.

Rick: I am somewhat stunned that any of it is still alive.

Jim, you’ve created a beautiful railroad and the landscaping work you and Nancy did make it look as though its been there forever. Great work. Thanks for sharing.


Very nice railroad… It’s obvious a lot of effort was put forward. How much area did you consume to build the D&J?


Hey, Michael! Thanks! The railroad is in a raised planter that is about 60 feet long with 15 foot diameter “waterwings” at each end, and a 5 or 6 foot peninsula in the middle. Here’s a top-down plan view:

The green really has filled in Jim. Great video work showing all you’ve done.

Really surprised by how lush the scenes have become over such a short period.(

Jim, The plantings have added even more reality to your layout. Your buildings look great and nice video producing. Looking foreword to BAGRS open houses hopefully next year.

A nice backwoods layout! Well done.

Dan: put a mask on and walk on over! We can social distance…

That’s one great layout, being a modeler first and a train runner second, you have done what I would call a great job on everything, including, engines, rolling stock, structures, and landscaping. You have brought and inside layout outside and done it with perfection.



What a wonderful “ride-along” break from attempting to telework! It was fun seeing where the projects (and techiques and talents) you’ve freely shared with us have ended up in your miniature world! Oh, and the greenery…Wow!


The RR looks fantastic and I enjoy/enjoyed watching you make it come alive!

Perhaps you could visit the hills of Pennsyltucky and hear Molly Hatchet “Bounty Hunter” played on the juke box at a mountain (restaurant) instead of on the piano in CA.


Good grief, what did you plant everything in?? that was some fast growing really great soil you used !!! just wow! At or about 1:40 mark , what is the ground cover that is filling up that cut of track between the hillsides? Thanks for the tour, Jim.


Thanks for the top view…There is a lot going on, on your layout. Congrats on a well done job!


The railroad looks fantastic. Great work! I want to know what the ground cover is in the tiered cut too.

Magnificent! (

All I can say is just pretty darn neat!!!


I think you mean this ground cover: Baby tears – Soleirolia soleirolii

It grows fast and handles shade well…

Jim That’s is a neat video. Very nice details to. (