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Duckbill Roof

Okay those are just plain cool

Thanks to Pete for letting us know about these. Here’s what mine looks like. Another take on trying to match these up and save the lettering Eureka too. Trimmed the duckbill’s to match the car instead of how Pete did his.

Thanks Jason



All done!



And beautifully decorated too. Great job!

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Oh, man, I still look at his site for parts and projects I want to do. Looks like a few emails and phone calls are in order.

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You could go ghetto and do the green on the clerestory if a change is needed and if you have them.

Just saying

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Lol true. Don’t have any but could possibly find some

This is an interesting thread, Well done Jason.

PS; Just getting used to the new place, thanks Bob.

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After running into this thread, a month or two ago I contacted Karl and purchased 2 pair of the ends for a couple Bachmanns I have lying around. I need a quickie caboose, and the combine will work nicely as they were historically great multi-purpose cars. I think I’m loosely modeling after S.P. 1010 at Ardenwood. Thinking further, I’ll also resemble Sorrensen’s Arcada & Mad River Smoker without a cupola but with side doors. That car is also at Ardenwood but there are few photos of it

In a nutshell, it’ll be along the lines of 1010 but with duckbill ends and a clearstory. Internally, I expect to install a 3-tone stained wood interior, benches rather than seats, but keep it pretty spartan. I’ll probably replace the trucks, add Link & Pin, and I’m not sure what else.

Now to get back on topic: Since the fit of the duckbill castings doesn’t match the existing Bachmann roof profile, I decided to laminate 4 layers of veneer I’ve got lying around. I let it cure wrapped in parchment paper while taped to my water heater. Under the insulating blanket that heater is about 15-18" OD, nearly spot on for the roof profile curve. The 4 layers of wood are within a few hundredths of the casting thickness so blending will be a snap!

I can easily build new clearstory windows from wood or Evergreen Styrene strips (actually laminate both wood and styrene so I can have varnished wood inside and a smooth homogenous plastic exterior for painting. By keeping the wood interior structure and exterior clearstory siding as separate structures, I can skip a lot of paint masking. I’ve also access to plenty of surviving clearstory window glazings and period advertisements so maybe duplicate the glass etching patterns? I’ll have to think about that one.

Photos later!

At this rate Karl will need to do some more moldings. Maybe more accurately sized for the Bachmann.

Craig, when I did my wooden clerestory, I used an image of a stained glass transom window (long and narrow) and after some resizing I printed lots of them on clear Avery labels on my inkjet. Then I stuck the labels on the clear styrene windows of the coach roof.

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