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DS&CVRR stuff

I’ve been doing some work on a very obscure and short-lived railroad, the Dayton, Sutro and Carson Valley RR (or DS&CVRR).

This railroad had (in its main life) only 1 loco: the Joe Douglass, which I made a model of.

The Joe is a beautiful loco, and resides at NSRM. And it is being considered for restoration, and I’m fanning the flames in my little corner. I’ll be giving a talk about the (puzzling) route of the DS&CV in Carson this October at the V&T RR Historical Society Conference.

The DS&CV had “connections” with the V&T: its loco was serviced in the V&T’s shops at Carson, and it branched off the Carson & Colorado (a sister RR of the V&T) and regularly exchanged cars with them.

Anyway, since I’ll probably be bringing this up here and there, I figured I’d start a topic.

My first reason for doing so is my little plaque project, which displays spikes and fishplate bolts which I gathered last year along the (hard to find) route of the DS&CVRR. I’ll be donating some of these in Carson.

This little project started with a CAD model, designed around the artifacts, and filling in for the rail and fishplates (which I don’t have… almost no one does).

So I finally got building these things this week, since I need to pack the completed products in the Sutro model crate that’s shipping out in 2 days.

One more thing off my mind for my annual pilgrimage to Nevada, woo hoo!

Yeah, I’m OCD…