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DS&CVRR stuff

I’ve been doing some work on a very obscure and short-lived railroad, the Dayton, Sutro and Carson Valley RR (or DS&CVRR).

This railroad had (in its main life) only 1 loco: the Joe Douglass, which I made a model of.

The Joe is a beautiful loco, and resides at NSRM. And it is being considered for restoration, and I’m fanning the flames in my little corner. I’ll be giving a talk about the (puzzling) route of the DS&CV in Carson this October at the V&T RR Historical Society Conference.

The DS&CV had “connections” with the V&T: its loco was serviced in the V&T’s shops at Carson, and it branched off the Carson & Colorado (a sister RR of the V&T) and regularly exchanged cars with them.

Anyway, since I’ll probably be bringing this up here and there, I figured I’d start a topic.

My first reason for doing so is my little plaque project, which displays spikes and fishplate bolts which I gathered last year along the (hard to find) route of the DS&CVRR. I’ll be donating some of these in Carson.

This little project started with a CAD model, designed around the artifacts, and filling in for the rail and fishplates (which I don’t have… almost no one does).

So I finally got building these things this week, since I need to pack the completed products in the Sutro model crate that’s shipping out in 2 days.

One more thing off my mind for my annual pilgrimage to Nevada, woo hoo!

Yeah, I’m OCD…


Just to follow up…

Two plaques went to the Dayton and Sutro museums, and two to the V&TRRHS conference silent auction. I’m keeping the prototype, which is goofed up in various ways.

The presentations at Dayton and Carson went well, and I handed out maps of the DS&CVRR to the attendees. If someone I “know” on the forum would like a digital version of the presentation, please PM me.

The research on this RR will continue, and I’m happy that others are now enthused. Folks from the NSRM (NV St RR Museum) asked for digital files of the map to help interpret to others the line on which the Joe Douglass ran. That was awesome! Of course I sent them what they needed.

If someone I “know” on the forum would like a digital version of the map, please PM me.

Of course the bigger deal is the (hoped for) restoration of the Joe, who’s feasibility study I was honored to play a tiny part in.

As an aside, I’m trying to unearth details of an even more obscure steam RR, having 3 steamer locos and maybe 3 miles of track, which ran from Sutro Tunnel to the Carson River, effectively crossing the line of the DS&CVRR.

Too much history fun, so little time! We’re flying back to MD tomorrow, and I need to go back to my day job on Thursday. Which is fine and great, and we’ll be happy to be back home. But I find the thrill of potential historical discovery a hard thing to resist, haha!!