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Dremel Model 210 Drill Press manual

Got the drill press and am building a table top for it and my Dremel Table Saw. Now that the TS is permanently mounted, I need to do the same for the drill press. But there are no mounting holes. Looks like I either drill through the base or come up with a clamping set up.

Am looking for a manual, in case they’ve got some hints. Or suggestions from this august body!

You might want to think about mounting the press on a scrape piece of plywood or particle board shelving. I mounted mine on a piece of 12" x 12" x 1" bull nose shelving. Now, the press is mobile to store out of the way and not take up valuable wood bench space.

That’s what I want to do, Jerry, but I don’t see how to do that. There are no clamps, no holes through the base, and worst of all, a slope sided base, so I can’t even use hold downs. I’m stumped. Perhaps a picture of what you did might help me figure it out!


If my memory is correct, the sides are sloped as you say, but the base is hollow underneath. Consider drilling 4 holes (2 on each side) about 1/4" or so up from the bottom. Purchase or make something similar to to anchor the base to a bench or other mounting surface.

Bob C. a.k.a. Rube Goldberg

Dick, You might want to take a look at youtube and see if they have any ideas. Lately, I’ve been amazed at the sheer number of tutorials I’ve found there.

Went to youtube. Saw a lot of really need Dremel ideas, but the only one I came up with is the possibility that the plastic base could be replaced with the base from the newer “workstands.” Else I might take some wooden blocks and make hold downs, or just frame out the base. It could move up and down, but not around the table.

I’ll take a look at it tomorrow. Right now I’m watching the Angels play their worst game of the season – and there have been only three. Three straight losses. Bummer!