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Drag racing

So one of my semi sorta hobbies is watching drag racing. Have been going to one NHRA race a year now for probably close to 30 years. Used to be we went to Seattle every year because it was the closest.

Now that my nearly life long friend and I are a bit older we have decided to expand our viewing. So the last two years we came down to Vegas. But we wanted to start seeing other tracks.

This led us to the Phoenix nationals at Wild Horse Pass raceway, an old track from the early days of the sport, to sadly watch the last NHRA event to be held there as the property has been sold and the track will be demolished.

But there is a huge bonus on this trip. Pete L lives near Phoenix. He is also a knowledgeable drag race fan who has been watching drag racing for far longer than I have. Anyway he was able to break free from his busy retirement and come to the races with me. Nice to finally meet a great guy who I have been good friends with now for years but finally got to shake his hand and say hi.

As a teen, I ran my mother’s Buick LeSabre in the stock classes at a local strip. I don’t think I ever won at the track, but the fact that Mom didn’t find out until I was much older and admitted it, was a win!

A few summers ago we got the chance to attend the Summer Nationals at Bandimere Speedway outside Denver. I love the Top Fuel cars and was fortunate to witness Brittany Force set a track record that day…

Denver will be our next one.

I have been watching the Drag and Drive events on you tube… great videos…
Tom Baily is one (Tom Bailey - YouTube)
and Alex Taylor is another

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When is it? We’ll be in Denver for the first half of July.

Check here

That’s a weird site and shows an October date for Bandimere. The track’s website has the Mile High Nationals listed for July 14-16 which is within the window of our visit :smiley: .

Did you grasp the Drag & Drive concept ?
Drag then use your drag car and drive to the next strip and so on and so on.
They just had one in Feb in Florida .
Interesting competition…

No, I didn’t get that until I went back and looked again. Interesting. Like to see them funny cars and top fuelers on the road between tracks :open_mouth:

They can tow a trailer with parts and tools … only the driver and sidekick can work on the car … but many will pull over the help/guide or loan tools to get them back up and running … the thrill they say is just to finish …

To be clear I will not be at Denver in 2023. It will be where we head next year most likely. I have no idea when the Denver races are. Usually mid summer.

July 14-16 is when the NHRA mile high nationals are. That’s the NHRA event in Denver.

Never been to an NHRA event but those cars in all the categories are jaw dropping amazing. I personally like the pro stock and funny cars. We have a small 1/8 mile ghetto strip close to me that I have frequented. Remember drag racing is all about the time/reaction. It drives my son crazy when they hold a faster car at the tree and the slower car is already 1/2 way down the track. Oh and they sell Brickers French Fries there as well. :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

Prostock is hands down my favorite. Best racing anyone can ask for.

Well, I was going to post our visit but Devon beat me to it.
I have been a drag race fan since 60’s my cousin races everything from a 34 ford pickup, a gasser and a top fuel dragster. Been great fun weekend and meeting Devon is a huge bonus. Sunday 8 am and day 3 seats and let’s spin the tires and lite the fires !!

[Uploading: B3726420-9B68-4697-8025-020A6C634127.jpeg…](
Some of the favorites in the show so far.
I am a huge stock and super stock fan

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Right there is my first car. 1964 Plymouth Fury. Bought it in 1970 with money I saved from my paper route. Mine was white with a red top and gut. Wish I still had it.

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Wayne that one had a 426 Wedge and automatic , made quarter finals before losing, nice guy to talk to

Are you talking about South Mountain Raceway? My nephew used to race there…

Yes, although it’s now called Quarter Aces