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Don Winter passenger car kits

I couldn’t resist seeing how it looks with the roof on, sitting loosely on her trucks.

That’ll work nicely.

Some work on filing, shaping and epoxying the windows now. One side done.


Wow, Bob! for what you call operations quality , that looks great.

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Calling the coach done for now, until I can do some sanding, filling and painting outside. Roof lines need some work and filler, and I need to cut and attach the upper trim boards and roof vents and chimneys. Also waiting for couplers from RLD to show up so I can finish the end beams.

Moving on to the next one.


Looks great!

What color are you planning on? (Rattle can, brush, or airbrush?)

Rustoleum “Spruce Green” is a pretty good match to the Accucraft green. I painted my RPO with it.


Maybe it’s time to start a 365 day challenge to complete as many unfinished, half started projects as possible…

I know I’ve got a handful as well. Kinda forces you to think about how we spend our hobby time and money when we have all these half done projects laying around.

That’s sort of what I’m doing. Any projects I have identified, that aren’t completed (or at least made progress on) by the end of the summer, are going to be considered “not important enough to keep around”

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I’ve been trying to take a hard look at my stuff as well and clean it out/provide funds for projects I actually need. I’m looking at my fleet of 3 cabooses. Do I really need 3 cabooses when I’m only running 1 train at a time? And likewise do I really need 5 locomotives when 2 will do.

I picked a few during the first year of the pandemic in case I got bored. The tippers and Glipin ore cars came from an estate, and the former got built and sold. The Gilpins are a whole different ballgame, as the construction requires a gazillion rivets. I had 2 sets of trucks so I sold the 32mm ones and used the wheels from the 45mm trucks on my New Bright Disney toastracks. Those trucks are identical to the Bachmann shorty trucks, so if I ever finish more than one (unlikely) I do have trucks.

Then we picked up 7 junk/old Aristo Sierras, so I couldn’t resist doing a Dennis and cutting them into longer cars. That was about a year ago, and they are still half done.

I have enough wood coach sides to make “Dorothy”, the Lehigh #300 Inspection loco. And enough 32mm track to make a SM32 layout, if I regauge a steamer.

I could go on. That’s just a partial list of the Maryland summer home projects. There’s a few more in Florida.

Yeah, I really like rattle cans for a nice job. Roof looks great as well. Will you be doing the same treatment on this one?

Combine going together pretty quickly. Need to glue and pin the end beams, and assemble the roof.

Yes , that will be the variety. Maybe some days the road is using foreign power. A few3-5 different home locomotives with different road numbers and some foreign power to stir things up occasionally

Beautiful Bob. Nice kits and great fabrication.

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You must not know me well enough.:crazy_face:
I’ve got 2 locomotives I’ve got me eye on that ran regularly on my branchline. BN 2081 and 2077. One was a GP38 and the other was a GP38-2. Most often they got paired together. Occasionally a lone GP9 was found roaming the rails but the F unit had all left the property or were in plow service by then. Those are the units I’m thinking about downsizing.

Got the combine to the ‘almost complete’ stage.

And taking a good run at the baggage car. Decided to not make this one into a milk car, it’d need more reworking than I want to do at the moment. Should have it done in the next day or so.

Looking good, Bob. Hope to see it all in action this summer?

Probably. At least on the run-what-ya-brung part of the weekend. They’re not great rollers, I should figure out bearings or bronze bushings.

OK look great but I can’t get my head on what scale are they 1/22 or 1/20

They are 1:20 scale. Don was a very early adopter of proper scale.

Almost done with the baggage car. Ran out of 5-minute epoxy, so Ill need some more before I finish this one.

This is the last of the complete “Kits” I have from Don Winter. I have most of the parts for two more cars.

The top set of sides looks like the window layout for the closed-vestibule Durango parlor/observation car.

Not sure what the other set is for. Some kind of business car? Pay car?

EDIT: Oooh, I think it’s Business Car B-1