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Dollar Store Finds II

While doing due diligence on finding out how many local Dollar Trees had the square solar lights I used in another post(2 of the 5 I checked had them) I found another couple of things that could be used indirectly in our modeling.
One is two different Solar Stair step lights. I can see these put up on border fencing or buildings where the track runs up next to them. They would illuminate the trains at night when they rolled past them.
The other is a copper mesh panel I found in the kitchen supply aisle. I am using parts of this on a 1/24 truck I am installing roof racks on. Other uses could be found for this raw material that costs only


Yep’ the solar lighting offerings these days are quite interesting for diff. applications, only limited by imagination.

I tend to holdout till end of season clearances (late aug. into sept.) at our various retail sources.

basic strings 100led, L than $2cdn; umbrella multi-string/leds,Lthan $9cdn; what i call the ‘solar on a stik’ - box of 10/$7.5cdn. (so bought 7 boxes last yr., so good for a couple yrs LoL , even after gifting a few singles post-custom vinyl id appl., for a couple unrequested neighbour applications LoL ; etc.