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Doctor Neon laser cut kit depressed center flatcar

Some of you might have seen the laser cut kits being sold on eBay by a seller named Doctor Neon. I decided to go ahead and try one, a drop center flatcar. This is the results. Overall I am impressed with the build for the price, it’s certainly not a craftsman kit as it comes very basic out of the box. Not sure about the trucks that came with the kit so I used some Aristo’s I had, and I added some grab bars. Other than that it’s straight out of the bag. It’s a nice enough looking model, especially when you consider how redonculously expensive the LGB and USA depressed center flats are being asked for today. There are no instructions but assembly was pretty easy to figure out. Painting is next picture, need to figure out how to fix the load so it’s secure but still removable. That’s all for now.


That’s a nice looking car, Vic. And remember, magnets are your friend :wink:

Nemmermind. Found it.

yeah not a bad looking car at all

well done
very nice build

I’m sorry. I couldn’t track down this seller. Could you please laser-guide this e-Bay rookie?


Eric see if this link works

Mahalo for the link. I’ll check it out.

I remember that guy. I bumped in to the " G Scale Steam Crane And Tender Laser Cut Puzzle Kit" and had to query the description as it didn’t match the photos!

I don’t know why he calls them a “puzzle kit”. Maybe because he doesn’t write instructions?

Thanks Vic, and great work.

The Doctor’s offering of a “WORKING PILE DRIVER BARGE” is quite impressive.

Pete, you’re right, he uses the “puzzle” term a lot, strange. I’ll make an additional guess. Maybe someone complained about the plywood falling apart after being left outdoors, or something wasn’t prototypical, or there wasn’t enough detail, etc. Or the instructions weren’t great, like you suggest. So, “puzzle” solves all that! Yet he probably charges the same prices. Brilliant! :grin:

There are some neat things. The shipping rates are all over the board, however! Still, the little box car fit might be fun…


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I think he uses the term puzzle because he doesn’t provide instructions. The kits can be mostly assembled without glue giving the builder a chance to do a dry run build. Also I don’t think the plywood is exterior quality although you could probably give it a good dunk in water sealer.