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DIY Barrel planter Microlayout

Took the week off to get some much needed yardwork done, and we get a heatwave…90+ here. So I decided to spend the hotter parts of the day doing something I wanted to do. Built my own brackets from 1x4s and 1x2s on an old barrel planter and used my next to last 31" circle of track. The barrel is on a roller base so I can move it around. Next is to fill it up and figure out rocks and planting. Hope the photo loads from my phone.

Looks good Vic! Maybe thats what I need since it looks like its going to be a lot longer before I get to start a layout again. Something like this would at least let me run something!


This layout is definitely a barrel of fun!!

Looks like fun, Vic. I always enjoy your projects. Can’t wait to see it after it gets a dose of your creativity

hmmmm… filling the barrel with beer, you could have the BL RR (Beer Lake Roundy Round)

I managed to get the wood stained and gave the barrel a rub of stain as well. Looks almost sorta new. Scouting for rocks and a building that might work. Thinking about succulents as plant fill.

FYI how to cheat on finding the angle of the barrel sides without a fancy adjustable square our using any math. I just took a longer 1x4 laid across the barrel top, take a second 1x4 about the height of the side and screw it to one end on the side of the long 1x. Lay the long 1x across the top, twist the smaller 1x until it’s tight to barrel side and add a second screw to fix it in place. Move it around the barrel to ensure the angle is consistent on all sides.

Next make a pencil line of the angle on the long 1x and then remove the short 1x. Using a square draw a 90° at one side of the diagonal line and measure the distance, in my case the distance was 3/8". I then simply used the 3/8" measurement to transcribe the angle of the barrel side to the rest of the 1x4s used. The top measuring 6", the bottom 6-3/8". When screwed to the barrel all the support brackets will install consistently level.

Finally loaded the pics into my Album

Looking good Vic. Cant wait to see how you detail it. I think you just motivated me t start mine. I just picked up a small Korber house that will work great. Sedumes will look good with a boxwood or two

Thanks Shawn, I’m going to use succulents here with desert scenery.

Simple, practical, method for marking the angles, neat. What kind of power pack is going to be used?

I have an LGB 50081 I can use. I’m setting it up so I can quickly connect/disconnect it, it will sit on the little platform when in use but I won’t leave it outside.

Dbl post, second time this has happened

Really cool, Vic. Were you inspired by the HLW kits? Or did the idea just grab you?

Either way, it’s a very neat project – as are all of your creations. Will you make an elaborate themed thing in the center, with plants growing around it? Or just do plants?


Looking good as always.

I’ve known about the HLW kits since they came out but always thought that they were A; a bit expensive and B; I’ve never been a fan of the black plastic track they sell, I never thought it would hold up well over time outdoors.

I’m planning a desert scene, rocks with succulents with a couple buildings in the foreground. The idea will be like Ray Dunakin’s layout only much much much much smaller :wink:

Something like this?

a wee bit smaller

Ok Scott…

those excursion cars need passengers

And where does the spur go? Across a bridge and?

Vic Smith said:

Thanks Shawn, I’m going to use succulents here with desert scenery.

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