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Well, sigh, I guess that additional construction on the railroad will be going on hold for a while.
With the advent of Spring all the seasonal yard work is coming up plus getting the overall railroad up and running for the season and then this showed up in the driveway this afternoon :grinning:.

We sold our last travel trailer in 2021 deciding we were done with camping trips and RV vacations because of our age and all the hassel involved in travel and reservations these days. well apparently we are not, wife and I really miss those 2-3 day trips 6-8 times a year.

We bought this small trailer last week and brought it home today. Now all the fun of getting it outfitted and ready for the road. Wife already has 4 three day camps scheduled. between now and the middle of June.

We have a beautiful County park right on the river less than 10 miles from the house that we love to visit especially in the late Fall when the trees are in full color.
Here we are in Nov.2020 with our former trailer and truck enjoying the quiet of a beautiful Fall day in that park.

There are maybe 50 sites in this park but during November there is usually no more than 3-5 sites occupied. Can’t wait for next Fall.


I enjoy camping (still tenting) but man it’s a pain to schedule the reservations. Some places like WA state parks are 9 months, OR 6 months, etc. The one place we camp every year we have to get it reserved right at 7 am 9 months in advanced as the sites are booked minutes later…

As much as the wife and I eventually want a trailer, I think those days might come once we are retired and can camp off season.

Nice! We’ve considered trading ours, but at 16 years old, no one wants it. So, I just keep fixing it. Every spring for the last 5 or 6 years there has been a major project. This year I plan to address spongy spots in the floor that have been there since new due to lack of cross supports. I have some aluminum T extrusions I plan to install, but I need to build a ramp to get room to work underneath then remove the coroplast bottom cover.

I love the fall pics. There is nothing like late season camping after the crowds have left!

I love camping of any kind. I’ve been camping since I was around five with my folks. Martha and I started out backpacking, then a tent in campgrounds. Then upgraded to a popup trailer, then a 24’ travel trailer, and now a 32’ class C towing our Jeep. We’re headed out mid-May for about four weeks in the Shenandoah valley.

Jane and I love camping, starting with our Aliner in 2006, moving to a Safari Condo Alto (Canadian) in 2018.
A favorite campsite on the Colorado River outside Moab, UT

I have this which is 10 to 11hrs away …

wow - what is that? a prolongated pickup truck?
if i look at the wheels, it reminds me of the 4ton ford trucks we have here.

do you need a special driving licence for something that large?

We manage to get out a few times a year.
Unless we are boon docking, we have to secure our spots 8 months to a year ahead.

No special license, it’s a Ford E450 cutaway chassis, about 21k pounds. Actually drives pretty nicely, just need to be aware of the rear swing.

Great pictures guys.
Back before marriage a weekend hunting/fishing trip was a sleeping bag in the back of the pickup. Provisions were usually a box of crackers, a stick of salami and a six pack.

After marriage things seemed to change gradually; first the tent, camp stove and ice chest, then the pickup cabover camper then a series of increasingly larger and fancier travel trailers culminating with the 24 footer we sold in 2021.

This new trailer is 20 foot ball to bumper and light, easy to tow with my F150. Pretty basic but has all the required items for a comfortable weekend including solar panels and an outdoor kitchen.

We are going to the above mentioned park in a couple of weeks for the shakedown. like I said it is only 10 miles from the house so if we forget anything it’s easy to go back for it :grinning:

Yea, we went from tent to popup when Martha’s back wouldn’t let her get up off the ground anymore.

I remember those trips my self !

Here’s our travel device, which we can live on for several weeks.

Much the same as your trailers, but self-propelled by a pair of 300hp V8s.

I have the best kind of boat, my brother-in-laws. All we have to do is show up and crew. Here we are, Martha piloting, heeled well over with the port rail in the water (note the horizon)

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I have talked about “my” camper. Its more my wife’s camper and she lets me join her once in awhile. My preferred sleeping arraignment fits on my back.

Rick, you talk about getting old and thinking you won’t do it anymore and then going back because you miss it. In the last couple years I have re-outfitted myself with all the latest and greatest backpacking gear (well all most all of it) and have headed back onto the trails. Like you missed your favorite spot and being out camping, I missed the solitude of having a high mountain lake all to myself.

After reading a few of the posts I can say I love living in N Idaho. Reservations??? What are those? And here I get irritated when I can’t have the exact location in a million acres of forest and have to find a different one two minutes down the road.

Jean & I used to do that…


Are you saying you and Rick slept together in the back of a pickup truck??? :flushed:

We’ve had this distraction on our list if we ever get over that way. Anyone been?

Vintage Sleeper with View Of The Black Warrior River, Alabama

Hmmm that was Rick …I though it was the voices in my head … :laughing:

Camping…it’s why I joined the Navy when it was my turn to take the watch! Still, if I MUST camp, this is the only way I do it…

…not that there is much opportunity for that in Hawaii!


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