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Dirt cheap house

Way things are looking, this might be about all I can afford to build for a while. Then again, I don’t really have much space left for structures on the layout anyhow. Still, it is G scale, or close to it…maybe painted, dressed up a little, and stuffed way back into a corner…

How to Make Cardboard House at Home With Little Budget : 6 Steps - Instructables


I must be a dirty old man. Nice looking little building. . . But the girl in the picture doing the instructable caught my attention, also


I bet all you need to do is find a way to hide the corrugation. You could even peel off the top of the cardboard to leave a corrugated metal roof.

We use cardboard for mock-ups. No way it would hold up outside, though!


Maybe strips of flat balsa wood or something similar for trim on the corners and roof edge…

Or craft sticks, our secret weapon of choice.

Looks great. But, around here, dirt is NOT cheap! :innocent:

get a stripe of veneer.
it’s cheaper than balsa, not so delicate, and has woodgrain.
my background flats are veneer or coffee stirrers on cardboard.

High winds followed by an ongoing deep freeze kept me mostly indoors these past few days. I opted to pass part of the time by building a couple of these ‘structures’ for ‘Nocturne Deep,’ the high point and terminus of the upper level (unless I turn the upper level into a loop). Space constraints were pretty tight - the upper level is an 11" wide shelf - so I had to ditch the porch even with taking advantage of the window recess.

Used construction paper on the roofs and interiors, the trim is leftovers from Bachmann cardstock buildings.

card house 1

card house 3

card house 5


These are really quite nice. Any thought to giving one some paint to make it look a bit different from the other?


I thought about slapping on some paint. But…one is gray, the other cardboard brown, and both are in the background.

What I considered for the Mik project was a small station and attendant scenery to go between the one house and the abomination I think of as the ‘Nocturne Hotel.’ (I have got to figure out some way to salvage that building). I might do the station part anyway, making this Mik a ‘twofer.’ But space there is very tight.

Nocturne Hotel

Very nice out come. I will consider this for my ceiling layout

I have been screwing around with these little shacks the past few weeks. Picked up a pile of craft sticks, painted them, and then began the long slow tedious task of gluing them in place. Finally finished them a couple days ago. They look a bit rough owing to malfunctioning spray paint cans and the fact there’s nothing square or level about them, but they’ll work.

covered card houses

covered card house 2

In the process, I found a ‘kit’ I’d bought and forgotten about a long time ago. It was advertised as a ‘puzzle,’ but it was just a bunch of 3.25 inch long sticks. Whatever. I painted them, and got started on this:

stick cabin

The Korm Abides.

--------------------------------------- :slight_smile: :grin:

All you need now is some PLAYMOBIL dudes and dude-ettes to bring these to life! Also, we’ve had fun lighting our buildings with some battery clips and LEDs. The batteries last forever, even outside.


Well, first up is finishing that little ‘log cabin’ - then finding a way to wedge it into the available space. After that, a teeny-tiny station, not much more than a ticket booth and platform.

Figures - well, I have plenty of those. Probably use the smaller LEMAX ones as the buildings are very roughly 1/30-1/32.

This part of the layout is ‘Nocturne Deep,’ an old mine converted to ‘other uses’ at the terminus of an all but defunct spur.