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Late model Accucraft Rubies have electrically insulated wheels! I got my Ruby in January 2020 and had no idea. It is not mentioned anywhere.

I found out quite by accident. My testing and running prove that my wheels are electrically insulated.

I was steaming on our club layout while the track was energized and another club member was running his track powered train and it did not short out the system.

I put an ohm meter to the wheels to confirm the insulated wheels. Meter read infinity.

I set up a piece of track on my work bench and powered it from a bench power supply then put a DC volt meter to the rails with my Ruby on the rails and applied 16 VDC to the rails, and no short.


But how did it steam up for you ?

It’s been running great for the past year. That wasn’t the point of this topic though. Running a live steam loco is an entirely different but enjoyable part to large scale model railroading.

have electrically insulated wheels

I believe the 2-cyl Shay has them too. It has rims that are installed with an epoxy insulator - I suspect your Ruby is the same. Be aware the Shay has been known to overheat the wheels and then the rims fall off. (

Regner Easy Line locos have insulation in the wheel hubs and (most?) are outside-framed so they are insulated. As long as you don’t tighten the set screws that hold the wheels in gauge too far, and break the screws through the insulation. (

I think all Roundhouse Engineering steam locos are insulated.