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Did someone mention hoist

Just pulled this new kit Devon made for my shop off the printer. makes a great little winch.
winch 3
winch 2
winch kit


Yea, that was me. How big is it, LxWxH? Should work nicely for my mine hoist.

4 inches wide and 4 3/8 deep

This should be good enough to take to the geezer meet tomorrow for “bring and brag” :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:
winch 4


Ordered one. Now to build my hoist house around it.

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Wow, that’s a beauty!

Well lookee what showed up today.

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Did you get my message on etsy messenger?

Yep. I’ll probably take a stab at assembling it tonight. Looks straightforward enough.

takes about 15 minutes. sanding down the cylinder mounting plates to fit are the only time consuming step. Any problems just contact me. Thanks for your support. Here is a shot of the correct build.

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Hope you enjoy it. It will be fun to see what you come up with for this.

Blow off valve ? Isn’t this model /print on two,too,2 threads? I think but not sure?

Finally got around to priming and starting weathering on my hoist.

Still needs more rust and dust, but its a decent start.


Bit more progress. Need to add some grease and grime now.


I think the blow off valve was covered on another thread but it appears to be missing one and that scares me ?
It could easily be as simple as a whistle ?

Nice job, Bob! I might have to add that to my Williams Iron Works collection.

That looks great, Bob!

At least as we designed it, this is not a boiler. The pop off valve would be on the boiler. I modeled this after a 1:1 piece I came across in Wallace Idaho. Ots more or less an auxiliary tank to hold steam for this individual hoist. I am sure in practice it was fed by a larger boiler. The 1:1 piece had no pop off, no gadget, no nothing. Just an inlet and outlet pipe. Not sure why it was done this way.

Looking good Bob.

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