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Did everybody but me know this?

Some of these older posts popping up are very long and it takes forever to scroll down to the newest post. For example Ray’s Megaweapon thread has 285 posts. I discovered that if you go over to the post count at the right and clickand hold the 285 number and drag it down it will take you quickly to the last post. Quick I may not be but I usually get there :smiley: :smiley:


You can also click on the 1/285 and a little button in the lower left will appear saying: jump to. Click on that and type in 285 and it will take you there (or whatever post you want)

Or you can type # and it will bring up that same jump-to dialog…


Nope I didn’t know either.

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You can also click on the date/time of the last post on the right and it will go directly to the last post :wink:


I just discovered that - the thread had 171 posts but clicking where it said “8h ago” (i.e. the last post was 8 hours ago) took me there. Neat stuff.

Thanks for bringing this up Rick. I too was on Ray’s MW thread yesterday, and it took a long time to scroll down to the end using the typical far right bar. So no, you weren’t the only one, and thanks for the tip!