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Dehanes and American Standard Car Co

One of my FL friends told me about a guy selling his brother’s huge collection of trains. In the spreadsheets are 2 curiosities - a set of Dehanes cars with loco:

F3 Super Chief San francisco A Unit
F3 Super Chief San francisco B Unit
Vista Canyon Observation Dome 3 26 inch
REA (RPO? Baggage?) 26 inch
Acoma Sleeper 2 26 inch
Cohiti Diner 30 inch
Laguna Passenger car 2 26 inch
Vista Heights Observation Dome 1 26 inch
Santa Clara Sleeper 3 26 inch

And from American Standard Car Co.
Amtrak Bicentennial loco #8
Amtrak coach
Amtrak coach

Anyone know anything about them? I think they date to the 1990s.

Don’t know about Dehanes but American Standard Car Co. was made by Ralph Brown. I think Ralph only did 1:32 but not 100% sure about that.

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Open above link to read the G scale info

My understanding is that he made a ‘standard gauge’ version and a gauge-1 version using the same 1/24th scale bodies.


am interested if the DeHanes are still available


Welcome to LSC Bill/William Cole

Bill, I got the list via my pal at FGRS. The seller is still compiling lists and, I think, wanted to sell the huge collection as one piece.

When I get back from Boston I will email him and pass on your interest. PM me with your email.

thank you Peter
[email protected]
I appreciate it
I am interested in all the DeHanes pieces
Bill Cole

I think my email remembers you . . .

It’s been a while…probably well over 10 years

I did email the guy who has the collection to ask if he will contact you. He tends to be slow at email - stay tuned.

thank you Peter…

Well, 22 days later he replied and approved passing on his email which I sent to yours.

Thank you very much Peter. We have been in touch with each other. U really appreciate it !!