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DCC + Del-Aire Track Switch modules - Vanderspek Estate

Hello all,

Several complex switch modules from the massive Carl Vanderspek White Pass layout ( transitioning from Burnaby to the Railway Museum of BC) are now surplus to the needs of the West Coast Rail Association. These are wood slab keyboard tray based constructs featuring 3 or 4 Digitrax DS54 Quad Stationary Decoder boards, interfaced to sets of 8 Del-Aire air control solenoids, relays , phalanxes of pushbuttons and LED indicators - the latter items I assume manual control over the multitude of track switches.

Pictured below are photos of ONE particular board, out of a total of FIVE such units.

Del-Aire switching systems were around for close to 50 years, and offer instantaneous switching. The product is no longer in production but parts are still available from places like Port Lines Hobby:

I am putting up this advert to see if there is purchase interest out there. Are these boards worth something to anyone out there ?


Dave J

Delta, BC

Greater Van Garden Railway Club

David… I might be interested, there would be a lot of re-doing to make the system usable, the components could be salvaged or re-worked into what might be workable…I have a spare digitrax command module that might still be able to interface with the old 4 up relays…

Email me at [email protected] and lets talk about a price and how these could be shipped in the end…

Dave Taylor

I have added photos of the other 4 control boards. Prices are $45 / $60 / $75 for boards with 2 / 3 / 4 Digitrax decoders respectively.

Thanks for your interest !