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Dang diesels accelerate too quickly

This showed up on the Anthracite Railroads Historical Society FB page. Pretty funny.

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that’s hilarious. What a real world problem.

that kind of activity on the real railroads is no longer allowed. you must now stop to get on or off. i miss the old days.

Al P.

Well, that’s what the rule book says, but in practice, it’s still done a lot on my local short line. They also do gravity run-arounds including flying switch moves on occasion :roll_eyes:

That’s great, Bob!

Kinda reminds me of the video Rooster posted on Eric’s thread (8:30-9:50).

And of course that “Getting off on the right foot” video.

Up to the 1980s trains in Germany maxed out at about 120mph. Then the new track and high speed trains arrived and birds packing around on the tracks had to adjust. They just would not get off the tracks in time for a 200mph train and wound up decorating the windshield.
This happened in the hundreds until the birds got used to taking off sooner.