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D&RG 315, My week in Silverton

Off to Silverton in the early AM and the train ride to Durango (Photo Special) Pulls out at 1:30. Gets into Durango about 6:30. I’ll be taking care of her all night in the D&S Roundhouse.

Three runs on Saturday, Short runs out and back. Again taking care of her all night Saturday.

Sunday a Photo special back to Silverton. And put her away for a few days rest.

Those in town, I hope to meet up with you sometime over the weekend.

I’ll try to post a pic or two over the weekend, but no promises.


Damn, . . . damn . . . damn . . . . I wish I could be there. Along with you . . . trains . . . Bob Boze Bell of “True West” magazine . . . . and lots of other train lovers.

Narrow Gauge Lover said:

Damn, . . . damn . . . damn . . . . I wish I could be there.


Railfest 2013 report: well not really but a teaser… D&RGW 315 in the Durango Roundhouse 4:16am


2 things about this pic… K36’s are really big engines. 315 looks really small when setting next to a K36.

Nice photo :slight_smile:

OK A couple more pics from railfest.

Friday we made the run from Silverton Down to Durango. This was a Photo Special and the first stop was “In The Hole” at Elk Park siding to let the regular scheduled train by.


Heres why. Note the Size difference about 30 years in steam engine development makes.


First “Run By” was at twin bridges.


Paul giving the little lady a drink at the Elk Park tank.


GREAT TIME was had. Lots more to follow, as I wade thru almost 800 shots.


Terrific Dave!. Keep 'em coming.

Beautiful pics!

Wish I was there!

I don’t mind sifting through 800 pics.

Upload them to an album(unlocked) and I’ll gladly look at them!

I’ve got this topic as one of the few I “watch” so I don’t miss anything.

Nice. 315 is really small compared to the K. Great pics!

I finally got around to reading this whole thing today. Awesome stuff! Really fascinating and loved seeing all the pics of the various components of the loco! Also those are the first good closeup pics I’ve seen of a stub switch.

Really enjoying this very informative series of posts. Thank you again for the time you have taken to take such clear pictures and upload them for all of us to enjoy.

Doc Tom

Found another keeper,

315 over the high bridge.


I’m working thru more pics and the followup tale of the weekend, But work is getting in the way aaaarrrggggg!

Where’s the “like” button! Nice shot!

Damn, I think I’ll “save” that one!!..:wink:

Wow, that’s a real “money shot” right there!

Heck Dave, you could frame that one and probably do good selling it.

About 1:45 she crosses the same bridge.

Ok Guys… I,ve Gone thru the pics, Edited it down to 135 and put them in a video. 1st Cut, need a few tweaks.

check it out full screen. Enjoy.


Dave, that was really nice, thanks.

Super job Dave. That was terrific!!!