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CVRR crew builds another steel bridge

It started out in 3 segments but I decided I needed 4 segments for the look I wanted. Like a lot of my models this bridge could be disassembled as well however it must be done with a hacksaw!

I struggled with what I was going to do for a deck. I really like the modern concrete decks however I do have a good bit of old growth redwood that I rescued from a fiery eternity because the person thought it was stained pine.

So I took advantage of the semi nice day yesterday and ripped down some stock to 1/2" x 1/2"

That was as far as I got yesterday and the ties were removed and painted. I opted to leave the spacing as such so I could just pop in sectional track as opposed to putting them closer together and hand spiking the rails. This did not please Father Fred however he doesn’t have to share his yard with a 14yr old gorilla that throws a 70mph baseball! I can tell ya’ that them baseballs do nasty damage when they hit the track so hand spiking was not an option as of yet. Yes I did check to see if a baseball could squeeze between the uprights and it will, the odds are slim but I’m not a gambling man.

Now I have another issue to struggle with as I built the bridge to go here. I changed the layout configuration last spring and I needed a double track thru truss as opposed to a single track. I placed the bridge at the other end of the layout on top of the deck truss I built and honestly I may have to add the new bridge to that other span? Not sure yet however if I do then it would give me a reason to build another bridge???

That looks great! Nice job Rooz.

That looks great. I really like the use of the slotted shelving strips to give that open beam look. I don’t even want to talk about rescuing redwood - glad yours found a good use.

Nice work David! I really like the look of the double track truss bridges…now I need to start building too!

Not bad, not bad attall…it does need some rivets on those gussets though…(

(Hollywood made me do it…)

That’s nice David, but I think you need to treat the ties, I see some strange white fungus on the ground that might attack your bridge.


Woo hoo! That looks good. Love the use of some recognizable hardware!

I’m pretty sure you won’t miss driving the spikes back in every season.

Nice bridge, Kiddo…

Cool, neat, nice…

Who would have thought about building a bridge out of steel?

Very nice! I’ll take a double wide just like that. You know where to send it.

Nice looking bridge David, you have given me a new idea. What size material did you use for the bridge?



It was a fun project.

Greg…The ties will be painted as I stated in the thread already. The redwood is pretty but not looking for the natural look.

Chuck …The main frame is 1/2" box steel.

Hope you’re bringing it to York… (

Ken Brunt said:

Not bad, not bad attall…it does need some rivets on those gussets though…(

(Hollywood made me do it…)

I agree with Ken (

“That was as far as I got yesterday and …”

That’s it???

Very nice work. I’d better get started on mine soon!! The steel’s starting to rust.

Great Bridge !!! Envious of the shop space, thats cheating on the rest of us.

It’s my work and you would not want the heating bill from these past 2 winters! Not to mention after cutting all that steel you have to thoroughly sweep the floor as them little shards can wreck a $200 tire real quick!

That is a great looking bridge. I wondered what the I beam suports were made from and Daktah John answered it. Very clever using the shelving support.

I say leave the new bridge in that spot and for the third track beside it make a pony truss or girder bridge.

Nice job.

Not bad Rooster!!

That looks great Dave, nice work! :slight_smile:

For that second one you were thinking about making, I’ll look into a shipping quote for getting over here :wink: Croissants are in the post!

Great job, I really like it!