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Cutting brass on my mini table saw

A few years ago I bought a Micromark mini table saw for my Florida home, just like the one I have in MD.
A minor difference was that, instead of a 120-tooth metal blade, I got a newer ‘cut off’ disk which was part of the Super Value package.

Today I finally got a chance to test it. My Mason is getting shortened, and the cab roof needed to lose about 1/2". It’s made from 1/16th brass, which is not easy on these mini saws. No sweat for this disk, and it left a neat clean edge.

I imagine that works better than what my method has been of using a dull 110 tooth blade. I’ll have to order some and see if they fit on my Byrnes saw. I don’t remember the arbor diameter at the moment.

Hmm, good idea Pete, I wonder if those disks fit the Proxxon table saw…