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Critter ressurection

I have a couple 7/8 critters that need a bit of care. I ordered a pair of batteries from Tenergy for them.

The first is a little Mancha mine trammer locomotive. That was an easy swap for a new plug and battery, and everything fits nice and tidy.

The second is a larger Simplex locomotive. This one had a more complicated on/off/reverse/speed system in it, that I never used to its full extent. Currently figuring out where to best locate the on/off switch.

After gutting the dead potentiometer and direction switch, it was pretty straightforward to add a simple on/off switch to the battery circuit, and tidy everything up. Battery is attached to the engine box with some double-sided foam tape. The switch is hidden behind the lower radiator hose.

Wow! Creative and well hidden switch!!

Thanks, yea, the radiator hoses are some kind of flexible silicone tube, and it fit right over the switch lever. I just need to paint/rust/something the base of it to look like a fitting, or whatever.

And done. That was quicker than I though it would be.