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Coupler problems

I have a coupler on my E-8’s that pull 13 USA smoothside passenger cars. It did not hold up last year and had to wire the two couplers together to run the train for open house. The passenger have body mounted couplers. The Aristo Craft E-8 has a single screw point to mount the coupler shaft to. Any suggestions. Thanks.

Change over to KaDee couplers and the problems go away.

With regards to using Kadee (centerset - no off-set) couplers on the Aristo E unit (as I have done on all cars, too), See “vignette” (article) section about the E units:
The Aristo EMD E8 / E9 Passenger Loco Application - with Kadee centerset couplers

The metal coupler boxes utilized in the article are available via Colin Camarillo’s website.