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Couple buy disused railway station - you can let it for £200-a-night

WOW! Big drool!!!

Looks great! I wish that there was something like that on THIS side of the ocean. :innocent:

Well, there’s this

Hehe…I’m probably more into something like a luxurious bed and breakfast…(last one we stayed at we were in a giant suite

And it was VERY relaxing…

Staying in a little caboose MIGHT be OK if it was really upscale and included a nice breakfast!

Hardly a vintage railroad theme. lol

Not at all, but not too shabby for our 50th anniversary! :innocent:

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The Red Caboose Inn used to offer breakfast in the Dining Car, and it rocked a little like being in real motion.

This one is much more impressive as it has a fake train.

To get back to reality, English country stations often featured an integral house for the station master, who might be the only staff. When I was a teenager, my pal’s Dad was a VP of the local railway district, and he got a sweet deal on a disused station and house, where we spent some interesting weekends. [Interesting = no electricity, well water, etc.]
The photos are deceptive, as the railway is on an embankment so the top floor of the house was at platform level.

There are many similar stations scattered around the UK. Some on restored Railways with steam trains, some on the main network, and some on lines that were torn up years ago.