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Could use a more engineer-ish one to go with him

Hey Y’all;

Have had this fellow for some time and the manufacturer has closed shop as best I can find out. Could use a more engineer-ish one to go with him; this fellow sits fine on the fireman’s side of cab on a Hartland Sparky being slowly turned somewhat Milwaukee-ish.

I didn’t bother to research whether MILW ever had red hats but then again this isn’t exactly a rivet-counting representation of a MILW locomotive either! :smiley:

I’m either going to have to learn how to make figures - or contract someone to build one of compatible size and fashion trend.

Oh, by the way, his fleece collar was textured with Woodland Scenics snow flock applied over mixed acrylic gloss medium and flat white craft paint. Gloss was used because I was out of white and it was somewhere around 3am, not exactly rush hour at the craft store.

Err, gotta go back and edit photo links for BBC code.





The inspiring locomotives: although this model will have some features of my freelance outfit Willow Creek Traction it will feature MILW logo on cab side and be sublettered for WCT as though it were a historical recreation. WCT background says it operates 2 divisions; one on a semitropical island which has a resort at one end and a scientific rocket launch facility at other end; and a mountain division, “somewhere”.

Your figure kinda looks like a “Just Plain Folks” figure. You could check their site and see if they have something (or someone) that would work.


Okay, will take a look. Outfit who had originally produced him was Schomberg Scale Models.

Great lookin’ engineer !

when i first scrolled down thought dem diodes (?) were some sort of projectiles (arrows ?) then focused and then third photo went out of focus again … :frowning:

Good luck in your search.

doug c

Thanks y’all!
And remembered there was a better image of his collar texture not too far from where I put the above files,