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on David’s bridge thread i saw something new. (for me)


today i got a package through Amazon.

$7.75 per unit including postage around half the globe.

my excuses for not building anything get less and less…

No excuse now Korm …

IF any body is looking for clamps check your local Harbor Freight


Just be careful of chasing price. Go too low and they’re probably made out of low-grade Chineseium

I had quite a few - they are intended for making picture frames square but work on most corners.

Oh yea Korm, blame me, go ahead and blame me!

Just kidding. Back when I was barely making ends meet, on the rare occasion when I had a few bucks of disposable income, I would go wander around the local mom and pop hardware store and see if I could find any useful tools. Over the years I have collected most of what I think I need to build most of what I want to build. Good thing too, because the mom and pop hardware store is becoming a thing of the past.

So now Korm, you can glue up 90 degree corners. So I guess its time for you to dust off the building project you had in mind a decade ago, and start working out the plans on how to build it. I kid, because I planned on having a more complete railroad then I do now, 5 years after I started. I started in 2003. So I am quite a few years behind schedule. (

in my case, there was too much time spent on my other hobby - volunteer firefighter.

and now, since that is history, i’m really busy catching up with all the small repairs in house and generalstore.

and, i can’t deny any more, that age makes me slower. the metalic age, you know…

silver on the head, gold in the mouth and lead in the bottom.