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Cool October morning watching trains

Early morning in the Hyampom yards. Number 9 has brought a load of empties up the hill and departed with the log loads for the mill at Bayside. We got here to late to catch that action but were able to see the rest of the switching operations before the trains left for the woods.

Number 7 turning on the table so she can pick up the string of empties and head to Camp 6 and the woods beyond.

The Crummy had been sent down the hill to load up on provisions for Camp 6 and came up behind #9 this morning. Number 5 came down to pick it up and drop it at the cook shack at Camp 6.

The string of empties and caboose waiting for #7 to pick them up.

Number 7 leaving the turntable.

Number 7 pulling onto the main passing a waiting #5

Number 7 headed up the main to pick up the string of empties waiting on the passing siding.

Waiting for #7’s train to pull out.

Number 7 tied on and heading for the woods to turn these empties into loads.

While I followed #7 through Hyampom and out to the camp 6 junction I missed #5 moving these two flats down to the transfer siding before heading out of town. I guess they will be going down the mountain behind the next train, or maybe back to the Redding yards. think I will run up to the Hyampom depot and see if I can find out their destination.

A beautiful morning for a little train action before winter sets in.


Wow. Nicely done! Looks great!

Very nice, Rick!
One day, I might have to take a road trip down there.

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Looking good! Thanks for the pics and description of the action.

Visitors are always welcome.

Your work is always impressive and inspirational to me Rick, thanks for showing more of it.
Did you do a build thread on your turntable somewhere?

Sorry no, that was built about 1998-9 ? Long before my computer build thread days.
If I remember right it is based on one that was in the Gazette back in the 90’s.

Curiosity got the best of me so I had to go look it up.

A painting of this turntable was on the cover of the Sept/Oct 1999 issue, the painting was done from a photo of the Pacific Coast Railway’s turntable in the yards at San Luis Obispo, CA.