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Converting to Battery Power

I am new here and I have looked through the forums and if this question has been answered I coouldn’t find it. I have a Bachmann 4-6-0 Anniversary that I want to convert to battery and remote. I have bought the remote system from Remote Controls systems in Austrailia. I am buying the dual system so I can expand later. I need help figuring out what battery to buy. When I went to Hobbytown website it did not take long to figure out there are a lot more choices than I have knowledge for. I want to mount the battery in the tender and charge it in place. I know if I have to take the tender apart to charge it something is going to break sooner or later. Should I go 14.8 volts or 15.2 or 22.2? Lipo or graphene? I really don’t have any idea what they are talking about LOL. Please someone help a total newbee. Thanks

14.8 should be plenty. Get something close to 2200 mah or more, since that’s what extends your run time. If you contact Tony at RCS, he should be able to provide you with all you need. He’s pretty good. I have a charging jack on the back of all my tenders, so all you do is plug in the charger.

For battery selection, the higher the voltage the faster the train will run.

Therefore slow running steam only needs 14 volts, but a high speed diesel or electric would need 22 volts (read acela, Genesis).

The same goes for track power.

Seems there are two threads with this exact question. Be sure to look at the other one, since there is a lot of good advice there.

Not disagreeing with Dan, but before buying 22V batteries, be sure your control system can handle voltage that high.

For a Bachmann 4-6-0 the 14.4V battery is more than enough.


A 14.8 volt lithium ion battery should be fine. Here are a couple venders that are supporters of this website. Great people that will help you at either one.

RLD hobbies and Kidman Pass Railroad both sell what you need.

I buy my Airwire 14.8V 6800 Li-ion mah battery packs from Reindeer Pass Railroad for my USAT GP9’s and F3 A/B. Not sure what I’m going to use for my NW-2 and LGB Moguls yet. After doing a couple of battery conversions with Airwire, I’ve decided to transition everything over to the RailPro system.