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In my Bachmann steam engines, there are various connectors. For example, the speaker has a 2 wire connector where it connects to the PCB. What are those called, where do I get them and how do you connect wires to them? I’m also thinking of adding some male/female connectors like that so when I take off the tender tops, I can just unplug stuff instead of having to fight wires and tops.

I have no idea what they are called in Bachmann-land, but I get a couple of connector bundles from Aliexpress to use on my trains. (They are also available from eBay with faster shipping.)

These are general purpose small ones, like those in the locos. Not for heavy duty motor power! More for sound and lights:

These cables/connectors will handle a little more power, useful for connecting tenders with batteries to locos.

Finally, we have the larger JST connectors, as used by Aristo as their standard for connecting MU diesels, etc. They come in 2 pin to 6 pin versions.

I find it impossible to deal with the connectors soldered to the boards, but I do install plug/socket pairs in wires that need to be disconnected when you dismantle something. Use shrink wrap and just solder these connectors in to the existing wires.