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Confused on which Bachmann have speakers

We are getting ready to head to the mountain cabin for a period of time and I’m planning on taking some projects to do while there. This includes doing the sound and RC conversions. I’ve got everything here (or almost here) then I read something about the C-19 not having a speaker but I thought it did. So in looking at the Bachmann diagrams I’m confused on which did or did not come from the factory with a speaker so I know if I need to get some on order. I don’t want to open them all up before we leave since everything is currently boxed up. Can anyone confirm which of these units came with a factory speaker and if it is good enough to use with the Phoenix sound boards and suggested speakers? I want good sound but not sure if any factory ones are any good.

3 truck Shay
2 truck Shay
2nd gen Climax
4-4-0 original Spectrum from years ago

C19 & K27 Both came with speakers, however sound quality not great. would replace with same size Phoenix if available. (which i believe they are not.)

Al P.

I think that applies to any Bachmann loco. Get yourself some decent speakers as suggested by Phoenix.

Well getting Phoenix to respond is the issue. I think they just are gone. Other hobby places seem to say the same.

Ask Don

Ended up finding 4 of the 3" low profile Phoenix speakers from Al on eBay. So I should be all set.

I don’t remember the K having a speaker. Shays only with Quasinami. No Heisler, early Climax, 4-4-0 and 2-6-0, 0-4-0 or outside-frame 2-8-0. Don’t know on C-19 as I will never own one.
You did good ordering new. Kader as a general rule uses the cheapest stuff they can get. I have a stack of old 4-6-0 speakers, sound is never good.