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Comparative size of Aristo Lil Critter?

Does anyone happen to have an Aristo Lil Critter switcher that they would be able to pose next to a more common loco such as a PIKO 25ton or a Stainz and post a picture? I’d like to get an idea of the comparative size before buying one. If you also happen to have an Aristo 4 wheel caboose that you could pose next to an LGB or Bachmann (TTTE) van that would help as well. Experience with the Aristo stock mixed with LGB or other common stock would also be welcome. Thanks.

Understandable why you would want to compare engines to engines as far as cars to cars. I model in LGB and I have to do the same thing to keep my layout in perspective to other scales equipment. LGB being 1:22.5 and USA Trains being 1/29 scale they just don’t go together, but U S A Trains 30ft. Box Cars and there wood Reefers work well with LGB, but that about it for there cars. There both the same length and heights as LGB rolling stock.


Sorry I don’t have time to do a comparison photo at the moment, but think of the Aristo Lil Critter as an RS3/8. It is just the short hood and cab of their RS3 mounted on a single truck. It’s a good little engine, but at 1:29 scale even a Stainz will loom over it. It will look better in the company of the Bachmann Davenport.

This shows the Bachmann Davenport coupled to a 1:29 beer can tank car.
Best, David Meashey

Please note:
USA Trains is a manufacturer of G scale model railroad products that started out as Charles Ro Manufacturing Company. They offer two different scale sizes of trains that use the same track; the “Ultimate Series,” which is 1:29 scale, and the “American” and “Work Trains” series which is 1:24 scale.
The USA Trains 30ft. cars are from the American series

Raising hand(talon) and asking a question ?

The first thing that came to my mind is “why” does it matter ? Do you envision the locomotives running together or separately ? What are the plans for the Lil’ Critter?

These are the things I ask myself internally before answering sometimes however not all of the time so I thought I would ask?

You don’t know unless you ask?

I’m thinking about buying a critter, but might not if it’s too far out of scale. I chose a Stainz since they are fairly common and someone might have both and then I could compare my Stainz with some rolling stock I already have that I’m thinking of using with the critter. If the critter seems too small I will have to figure the cost of additional rolling stock to go with it.

Here you go. Lil critter is about 1/2" taller and 1/2 inch narrower.

'Scuse the dust - I had to dig deep to find these fellas… :slightly_smiling_face:

Let me know if you want some different angles.


Yes, I know all of this as I did mention this in my above post and the American and Work Train series do work with LGB, but that’s about it. I’m a scale modeler, or should I say “standoff scale” like the model airplane class is, so it’s got to be close in scale for me. LGB people are the clue here as they do not fit well with 1/29 scale engines, or most rolling stock. I’ve been modeling in G Scale for some 50 years, so I pretty much understand all the scales and how they work/fit together. I do not run any of my engines, or rolling as built from the factory, all are rebuild and re-painted and re-done to fit with the LGB Scale 1:22.5, so I know what works and what doesn’t.

Great! This is exactly what I was looking for. Dimensions help but the pictures really show the comparison. Look like the Critter is close enough in size to do what I want. Thanks!

Now that Kenneth’s issue is solved I would like to know how Neil acquired a Union Pacific switcher across the pond like that and what are his plans for it ? We are still on page 1 but I thought I would ask anyway,

I could tell you but I’d have to… y’know… :grin:

Rooster, I know you don’t do Facebook, but anyway there is a guy on there from Australia with quite the collection of UP rolling stock, along with SF BNSF, and NSA lot of which he purchased from here and paid the huge shipping costs to get to him, very nice layout , with lots of videos and some pretty cool scratchbuilt items like the 4014 water tender and other things! From his conversations there is a lot of US stuff over that side of the world!

Thanks for the input. Based on the LGB/Aristo comparison, I purchased an Aristo L’il Critter set in Hersey’s livery and a spare reefer. The Aristo set

is 1/29 but since they are a model of Standard gauge rolling stock they fit well with the ~1/24 Narrow gauge models.