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Common Pondhawk

My other hobby, or one of them, anyway. Every now and then, I get a couple of shots that I am happy with. In this case, a Common Pondhawk.

Wow, Daniel, those are beautiful macro shots. That was a patient bug.

Dragonflies are one of the coolest bugs.

I get one at my pond every year. One year I had one that didn’t like me sitting near the pond. It would hover about a foot or so in front of my face and try to stare me down.

We have lots of dragonflys around the pond, but they never light to pose for pics. However, our slow moving praying mantises make good photo subjects.

funny, back when we first started the Fl. GRS the mantis was our logo, Jed even had one he used at meets that he found at a yard show

logoreal one