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code 250 brass rail joiners

Anyone have any code 250 brass rail joiners that they are not using and want to sell. Accucraft is out of stock on them. In lew of the joiners, brass rail power clamps would also work as I am using them for power connections.


How about from some place like SVRR?

Call Pete at Sunset Valley and talk to him. I think they will work on Accucraft code 250 rail but not positive.—rail.html

I have been to most of the places I could think of to get them. Other that the Hillman rail clamps that are in brass, only Accucraft had Brass rail joiners, but they are out of stock. Micro Engineering and Llagas Creek only sell aluminum and Stainless Steel in code 250. there are plenty of suppliers that make code 332 bras rail joners, but the only one I have found that had them in code 250 was Accucraft, even though other supplier sold brass code 250 track, but no brass rail joiners. I will check out Sierra valley and see if they have any.



Try Sunset Valley!

Thanks Paul, I will have to give him a call, as he does not have an online ordering system.


Stainless should get along fine with brass rail, so why not use them ?

…or are they not available…?

Fred Mills. said:

Stainless should get along fine with brass rail, so why not use them ?


Fred: the reason why I am not using Stainless Steel rail joiners as I dont own a welder and you cant solder wires to them using a normal soldering iron. I am using the brass ones to solder feeder wires that will be slipped on the Aluminum rail and then connect to the Main DCC Buss, If you know of a way that I can solder the feeder wires to aluminum rail joiners then please let me know, as I can find them all over the place.

I just find it odd that of all the dealers that sell code 250 track and rail, that only 2 sell brass joiners. Accucraft that is out of stock and Sunset Valley that does not have an online ordering system.

I know people are going to say, why not just use brass track to start with and solder the wires directly to the rail, Well its the High cost compared too Aluminum rail and I am use to hand laying rack with aluminum track and turnouts for a many years. I would have gone with NS rail which I could have soldered the wires to as well, but again it costs to much. Being retired and not not having a pension or huge savings, I have to save where I can in building my layout.