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Code 250 aluminum rail and turnouts

Who still makes and or sells code 250 aluminum rail and switches.
Asking for a friend. :crazy_face: :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

Llagas Creek still does afaik. That is what I used to build my railroad.

Track: Assembled Track – Llagas Creek Railways

Turnouts: Turnouts – Llagas Creek Railways

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What size turnouts do you need? I’ve got some Llagas Creek #4 frogs I don’t need at the moment.

I want to jump in here with a question. A tree limb wiped out one of my aristo-craft right hand switches. What were the size switches that they offered. It is not the big one. But I do not remember what the other sizes were. I need to see if I can find one or something similar to replace it. Thanks.

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I have a few hundred feet of used Sunset Valley track that I will sell dirt cheap. It was removed when I dismantled my layout. I also have extra Sunset Valley and Accucraft tie strip. This would be pickup only in Gig Harbor Washington. PM me if interested.

Ron, Aristo produced 3 sizes in several styles. R1 or 4Ft Radius, 10Ft Radius and #10. Most came in either USA or Euro ties and the two larger ones were available in Stanless Steel. All code 332. They might also sold them in Aluminum for a while, but I don’t have that info.

Craig, my “friend” is looking for the smallest frogs (prolly #4). He’s still in the planning stage to get a budget going for the project. He also has a box full of tie strips and a few pieces of rail. Just needs turnouts.
I just couldn’t remember who all made code 250 track.

I’ll have to dig around in my supplies but I might have some shorter points from Llagas that would work for your “friend” along with the frog.

I could either sell the parts, or if the “friend” wants them completed as turnouts we might be able to work something out…

JRad, the switch is a 10Ft Right Hand brass switch. I need to find a brass one to replace the one wiped out. Why could I have not been smart enough 30 years ago and planted a Crepe Myrtle in the back yard where the layout was built instead of a water oak!

Yea, I found an Aristo Craft large radius switch to replace the one the tree limb wiped out. It is new and in the box. Fortunate find to say the least!