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Coach Lighting LEDs?

I found these LEDs on my favorite chinese retail site (Aliexpress.) They come on a 3M tape strip and are pre-wired. With wiring beteen them, if you cut between them you will reduce the number of lights in a coach - a good thing. Pic attached.

On the attached pic, you can see how they separate.

Nice - Very similar to the sign service LEDs I get out of old signs at work. I’m assuming they are around 6000K color temp which is a bit harsh for representing incandescent. I have toned them down by applying orange and yellow vinyls to the roofs and then mounting the LEDs on a styrene strip facing up, reflecting off the colored vinyl. Looks much better to me. This is how I did it in my engine house…

EDIT to add this night shot to show the effect…

I get out of old signs at work.

Your Engine Shed looks great. And yes, my LEDs are bright white. I did find I could have bought warm white (or maybe they weren’t offered when I bought mine - can’t imagine why I would buy bright white!) I ordered another string of ‘warm white’ for $3.17 incl tax and free shipping. I have used Testors auto brake/indicator light paint, which is a sorta translucent red or orange, to tone them down.

The LED packs are described as for signs - I imagine you put a transparent front over them. I found some in arrays of 4 LEDs or 3 or 2, like these. Here’s a test using a 9V battery toned down by Photoshop. In a real coach or building I probably wouldn’t be using more than 3 or 4 of the blocks. I ripped mine off the backing, but on inspection found I could have eased them off and retained the sticky foam and used it to mount them.

I did my LGB passenger cars with LED lights, used 12v LED’S and on 9v battery the light was not so bright. I hung a 9v battery box under the underframe of the car and it had a ON/Off switch that made it nice to use and also the battery can be replaced from the outside of the car, no need to take the roof off. Note in the pics you can see the battery box under the car, actually looks like it belongs there.


Cut them apart through the tape with a razor knife. The side of the tape labeled 3M is a protective cover over the second side of double sided tape. It should peel off revealing sticky tape.