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CN Impact Test Car

An interesting test car that the CN had. RailPictures.Net Photo: CN 87989 Canadian National Railway Boxcar at Temple, Texas by Steve Patterson
From the RailPictures description:

To show switching crews as well as shippers and customers how damaging coupling impacts at higher speeds can be, Canadian National rebuilt a 40-ft. box car with plexiglass and equipped with a big needle meter to show speed at impact. One could also observe shifting of the load inside.

And some other pictures


Who’s gonna model this?

Reminds me of the old Walthers HO model ![image|283x500]

Nice of CN to do their test smash with Penn Centrals box car…

Indeed, very fun & strange car!

Even weirder that they couldn’t spell ‘Canadian’!!


I remember seeing that car, here in Ottawa, way back when…
It was common practice for CN to Use “Canadian” on one side (English for Candian), and “Canadien” on the reverse side (French for Canadian). So, there was no spelling mistake. The car was repainted from White to a darker Iron Oxide red (Box Car red) at one point. At that time it was re-lettered to the, then, NEW CN Noodle, along with more “Glass” panels.

I remember these! :laughing: I thought about getting one. Wasn’t there one that simulated a hotbox by shining a red light over the truck?