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Cliff's Mik Model

I’ve not done this before, and may not complete it in time. Might not be fair, with 3d printing involved… has that been covered? And I might be disqual’d because the following sketch is on half a paper towel. But WTH, here goes.

My nappy-doodle:

The idea is to end up with a large trackside piece of equipment that’s ready to be loaded onto a flatcar. And look ok when it is.

And, since it’s a boiler, it just so happens that I might be able to reuse a certain boiler-related (but FAILED) print from a past (well, almost past) project. If that works, I can call myself a planet-saver for not pitching the dang thing.

OK, that’s all I got.


Did I registered in time, and properly?
Was there a particular beverage I was supposed to be employing while writing this?

So many rules…

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Glad you threw your hat in the ring, Cliff. I see no issues with your drawing, probably not up to your standards :wink:. Anything you had in hand prior to 1/1/22 is fair game.

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Thanks Dan, much obliged!

Actually, that IS the way I manually draw… That’s why I use the puter, haha!

In the rules, I read that during this past week we could do “drawings.” Not sure if this counts, but I completed the CAD work yesterday on the needed main parts, which are the lighter gray ones here.

I did printing today, and here’s two sets of parts. The failed boiler prints, which I had on hand, are at the top.

Philosophically, I’m doubting that this approach is in the “spirit” of the Mik contest. And if that’s the case, so be it; I’m fine if I’m disqualified. But I’d still like to post about this little project along the way.

I don’t think we have ever kicked anyone out for “cheating”. If anything this is more in MIK’s spirit as he was a big steam guy!


Craig, there’s always a first!
But thanks hugely, I feel 50% less guilty!!
:grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes: :innocent: :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Well I always feel short changed when all the old retired guys get 30 days of all weekend vs us working stiffs that get 30 days with working. :joy:

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Recycling “trash?” I never met Mik, but this seems well in the spirit!


Thanks for that Eric, you and Craig have given me some good justification! Much appreciated.

And along the lines of junk, these tubes are lookin like candidates for additional details:

These came from photocopiers that Dave Maynard serviced; and he gave them to me at a Drag n Brag. So they’re double-discarded “deep trash.” :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:


There is really no rules against 3D printing. I plan to use a couple of pieces myself. The main thing is to particpate and have fun doing it. The factt hat you are using a “junk” boiler to me is very much in keeping with the Spirit of MIK as I see it. It is using something you have on had and are repurposing it. And you are yousing it to make a nice trackside detail.

Welcome to your first MIK.

Thanks Devon, I figured you’d know about the 3DP eligibility, good to know.

I agree with “you’re OK” within the rules. Maybe a tad early on doing CAD work, but that is a very grey area since those of us who are stick/styrene/whatever building are allowed to do CAD work before the starting gun.

In any case - I think it’s a neat project and I see no reason to disqualify you. Carry on!

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You know, the more I think about it one of the unofficial rules is not to complete it! So get it 90% done and walk away! :joy:

Oooo… Maybe we need a new prize category. Best DNF :crazy_face:

And best rule-breaker?


Cliff , there have been 3D printed buildings already, and as one that is insanely jealous of people with a 3D printer that can make cool things by clicking print, I am all for using what you have available, so fire up the printer , print away , and good luck! Look forward to voting !!!

Thanks very much Pete, I very much appreciate the acceptance!

The parts finished printing today, which meant I could commence the prep work. Lots of sanding on the mini belt disk-belt sander to get rid of unwanted features on the failed boilers, and more sanding on the new parts.

Then fit-up between parts, meaning more sanding or dremel-drum-sanding. Lastly, bonding all together, which involves several layers of 3dp resin painted on the joints and hitting each with UV light.

I also ginned up some pipe fitting models to have something else with this shipment. The flanges fit the Maynard Xerox tubes, and the elbows (45 & 90) match the flange patterns. Then I printed a bunch of those. Here’s the pile:

The second set of all this (I had 4 scrap boilers) is shipping to Jerry B., whose idea it was to get rid of the boilers in more or less this fashion.

Now comes the fun part: figuring out how to make all this look like a realistic trackside load. I’m thinking of making it abandoned-looking… With vague ideas like “still awaiting payment,” or “for sale, real cheap,” or “the load less traveled.”


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“The load less travelled” … snort, chuckle…

And here I thought the poetry I learned in English class was all for naught!

Reminds me of Carrick Furnace.

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