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Cliff's 2024 Trackside structure

In case you missed it, here’s the napkin sketch I posted on Jan 5 (per Lou’s reminder, thanks Lou):

And yesterday, with the clock running down, I finished! Ta da…

I had to turn the building some to make the track work out better, but it’s still pretty close to the nappy, right?

And except for a few pesky zeros I think I stayed within budget.


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Love the scale solar array, neighbor’s cars and house. Great work, but what’s with that tiny locomotive?

Cliff you might be the first MIK challenge participant to build a 1:1 structure. But!!! The guidelines was something served by a siding. So as long as your shed has a siding to it then we are golden. Lol. Looks great Cliff.

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It’s all “G.” My layout and train collection spans the rubber scale gamut, from 1:32 to 1:20. The shed is… a little big… but since it’s supposed to be a scale model of the Parthenon, maybe not. The columns and statuary will take some time…

Ya done good, Cliff. I love the way you tied the walkway to the shed into the deck. Can’t wait for the “Glamour Shots”.