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Cliffport Platform

Ok, I guess I’ll give this a whirl.

First: I am not a master model
builder. Or even a mediocre model builder. I am nowhere close to the caliber of
the ‘greats’ on this site. Basically, I am that guy whose layout is HO track
spread across a sheet or three of plywood in a spare room, except in my case the
scale is G.

Second, I was pretty much out of the hobby altogether for
several years, until my lovely young daughter told me I wasn’t allowed to die
until the grandson saw the model railroad in all its glory. Currently, said
grandson is a toddler, not even in preschool yet. I have other slightly older
relatives who may be intrigued by the layout, but their interests are, well,
those of children That played a role as well.

A few weeks ago, upon
discovering that my el-cheapo cellphone was also a camera, I took and posted
several photos of the layout to Flickr. One featured what was slated to become
the Cliffport Platform: four façade buildings against a blue-painted wall.

I decided to add to that; the view was looking at the city proper from a
bay. A cityscape seemed in order. So, I made one, using scrap wood, cardboard,
construction paper, and leftovers from other projects. Looked a bit funky, but,
these were background, intended to be mostly hidden by foreground structures.

Ok, photo’s from the construction process…I hope.

The four ‘foreground
facades’ I picked up off EBAY over a decade ago. Don’t know who built them;
maybe a pro, maybe some guy with excellent woodworking skills. My contribution
was tables and chairs to a building I decided was a diner, and plastic ‘stained
glass’ windows for the Church - leftovers from the Bachmann kits. The station
was from Colorado Model Structures, and the Hotel (no good shot here) was bashed
together ages ago from two Bachmann kits.

Now that I’m thinking about it,
a link to the album might be in order:[email protected]/albums/72157689228777731

if you go to the album, you’ll see that ‘little people’ populate the platform in several of the pictures. In those photos, see if you can’t find:

1 - Waldo (he’s been shopping)

2 - A princess

3 - Mario and his brother Luigi

4 - A ghost and a vampire

5 - Batman, Robin, Catwoman, Captain America, the Tick, and Arthur (Tick’s sidekick)

6 - Joker, Harlequin, Lex Luther, and other nefarious characters.

7 - Betty Boop imitating Marylyn Monroe (or was that the other way around?)

8 - A guy selling vegetables…and another selling coffee.

9 - A suicide bomber…and a walking clockwork bomb.

10 - panicked victims (related to 4 and 9)

11 - A tall, overloaded bellhop

12 - A stranded witch

13 - They came from outer space…but where are they going?

14 - Mystery, Incorporated (the Scooby doo gang - Shaggy is sort of disguised)

15 - A erect turtle, a small, friendly (?) dinosaur (?) and a chimpanzee

16 - A sexy mechanic

17 - A street musician

18 - A panhandler

19 - Characters from the Simpsons

love your “mixed” population.

don’t forget to look for Disney cuties. snowhite, cinderella, and so on.

you know, all that stuff, toddlers tend to see a couple of hundred times, till they know the movie by heart.