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Apologies to @Cliff_Jennings and Cliffs Notes

Another unsolicited ADVERTISEMENT: inspired by Cliff Jennings’ secret BBCodes.

But wait there’s more…
Act now and we will include at no cost…

Whether you’re a forum newbie or a seasoned G-scale blogger, these notes make mastering BBCode as easy as tagging text in bold. Get ready to transform your posts and impress your peers with your newfound posting skills!

Introducing Cliff Jennings’ Someone else’s BBCode Notes—the ultimate guide to mastering the art of BBCode, brought to you by the literary genius some guy who tried to make CliffsNotes a LargeScale Centralian household name!

Learn how to…

  • to shrink
  • your font
  • and change
  • its
  • shape
  • and even
  • underline
  • or strike through words
  • and more…

…from this :point_right: website!

That’s hilarious Bill! And wow you found the holy grail!!
:crazy_face: :exploding_head: :laughing:

I thought that all went away with the dark ages. I used to be fluent. . .