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Cliff mentioned my photos

Cliff mentioned my photos taken on our winter cruise, which is relaxation and sunshine as we can’t use our Florida home this winter after Ian.

I thought I’d try posting some of them from my phone, which I didn’t attempt until now.

This is Dockside in Porto Limon, Costa Rica.

They apparently had an extensive meter gauge system linking east and west coasts.

Much more interesting is the Panama Canal mules.

They control the ship in the lock, at least 4 of them together. Electric with a 3rd rail pickup in a trough just outside the land rail. They have some batteries, as the return track is uncovered.

Quite a few other neat RR items around.

There’s a std gauge line that preceded the canal, built by the Americans in 1855. Now it is run by KCS and transports containers across the Isthmus. You can dock, unload a few, have them loaded on another ship at the other end, and save the huge canal transit fee.

In Pamana city there is also a passenger train to Colon at the other side. Didn’t have time to see it.
The only tracks I found were these ancient streetcar tracks.

The modern buildings in Panama City are just mind-boggling.

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