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Clearance sale Of ALPHA-3v1

Now that the new ALPHA-3v2 is available I have a few ALPHA-3v1 models left I can offer at a discounted price.

They are A$69 each plus A$5 postage. About US$60 for a 3 amp combined DSM@ RX/ESC.

Buy two, get another one free. Plus free postage.

You can read about the deal here:

Tony, for a package excluding battery, what would I need to power a loco?



Hi Terry.

You will need a suitable DSM2 compatible TX. That can be Spektrum or Orange or any of the TX’s I make.

Which one is best depends on what you want to do. Type of loco, directional lights? sound triggers? etc.

You will also need an ON-OFF switch and battery charge port. They can be obtained cheaply in the USA.