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Civil War & WWII Figures at Hobby Town

I was out at the local Hobby Town this weekend. They didn’t have any of the tiny brass bolts and nuts I needed (poorly stocked Hob-Bits display) but they did have some nice figures for you period modelers. I couldn’t see a scale listed on them but they look right for 1:32 or 1:29. For 12:99 you can’t beat the price for all those figures and accessories. Let me know if anyone gets them or has experience with them.

Randy, do you know, if this hobby town company sells over the net too?

Hey Korm, I was thinking of you and Shawn specifically when I saw these. I checked Hobby Town’s site and couldn’t find them, so I called our local store. I told the guy what I was up to and he didn’t think they would have them on the site.

However he was very kind to tell me they were put out by Safari LTD. So I googled that, and low and behold:

Randy, the Silver Mine in Washington PA, on Rt19 near Jimmy John’s and Subway, usually has some of them small nuts and bolts. For just a few, or in a pinch, they might have what you need. For stocking up, I go to

Thanks David, Yup, he is my go to guy for having all of the Hob-Bits fasteners. He keeps his rack well stocked with every hook having several bags of it’s respective item. He said he tries to make sure it’s stocked, and I told him that it’s noticeable I really appreciate it. I want to compile a big order for micro fasteners but just haven’t got to it yet. Before I start another loco build you can be sure I will!

Not sure what was going on at Hoby Town. Their K&S racks were well stocked but the Hob-Bits fasteners were 70% or more empty!

Randy, they are hobby people, not train people, and certainly not large scalers. I have walked out of Hobby Town empty handed many times. I cant say the same about Esther’s. But Esther’s definitely isn’t a large scale shop. But for the N scalers, its a gold mine.

Randy and all, I have found other people at Hobby Town. I use in Aristo switch towers/diesel locomotive engineers and buildings as well.

Hobby Town People

thank you, Randy!