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Circus cars and wagons

All this circus stuff; wagons, cars, posters and more are for sale.
If interested send me a message and I will get you the contact information.

In this picture boxed is an LGB circus train and an Aristo complete MOW train. Some of the MOW cars are in the first picture.

What an amazing collection Rick, I had no idea the breadth of products involved, over so many manufacturers. What a lot of looking and buying over many years to build this up. Would be a bummer to split it up, but that’s life. I really hope you find a buyer who understands the value and rarity of many of those pieces.

You might consider getting a professional evaluation from, say, Trainz, Stout, or AmbroseBauer, etc. There’s a chance that one of them is aware of a wealthy buyer or two who’d be interested in the whole shebang, intact. Or at least that’s what I’m wishing for you!

Best luck,

Thanks Cliff,
Most if not all of the wagons and train cars are scratch built with great skill, they cover all phases of circus life behind the scenes as well as out front. There are a couple of different scales involved 1:32, 1:24’ and maybe 1:29.

What I can’t believe is that no one is interested in the Aristo MOW set, this is like the third time I have posted it here and nothing but crickets.

That’s a USAT MOW set not Aristo if I’m looking at the right grey ones.

You are correct, sorry about the miss-statement.

Wow, scratch built; even more amazing. Gorgeous work.

It would all be highly valued I’d think, especially if you can get the word out to a broader market…

Interested? You bet! Shelf space…not until folks start leaving for college!

Good luck with the sale!

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Including a rotary plow too!

I suspect a lot came from Circus Models or Circus Craft kits. My pal Jack bought a similar collection and the wooden wagons were almost all from kits.

They were originally made in 1/2" scale (1/24th) and occasionally pop up on eBay. There’s a whole club/society of circus modellers:

I notice some extended flat cars with 3 wagons. (Bachmann put 2 on their standard wagons.) Jack also had similar ones, definitely hand made of wood.

We even got his ten-wheelers to run in harmony off one battery+r/c rig:
[media]Circus Ten-wheelers - YouTube