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Christmas trains ..

My daughter couldn’t wait … Here is her/Grandsons’ train

That’s great! We put our tree up last weekend and our two granddaughters came over to decorate. The first thing they said is "How come there is no train this year?) Needless to say the train is now set up under the tree so they will see it when they come over Sunday for a belated Thanksgiving dinner.

Sorry, it took a bit…

While we run North Star, a B’mann 10-wheeler, year round, this refugee from a friend’s moving sale only pulls its Christmas consist fromm Advent to Epiphany. Here we see North Star fresh from a washdown about to enter Haluku’ilio and embark Holiday revelers:

We have a little battery powered train that circles the tree, too, but I am not sure it made the camera roll just yet!


Here is our train that we have under one of our trees …

My equipment is too big to run under the tree, but I would like to wish you a Merry Christmas. ( Maybe I should haul some outside for a snow shot. Brrrrrr. (


Silly Shane, you just need a bigger tree!

Here’s a bizarre twist on the old theme,

At least it leaves room for the presents!

OK here are a few shots of the SC&M RR at Christmas, the North Fork Winery hosts a holiday tree sale and green house sale this year

And the holiday train comes chugging past…

Best Holiday Wishes


Here are some pics of my train under the tree. Hope I’m not too late, I only set it up yesterday. The train is ho scale, using Bachmann track and a Bachmann engine. I originally used an Athearn frame with the Bachmann shell, but the Athearn motor quit on me. I absolutely hate cleaning ho track, so I converted the loco to battery. The second pic shows the 9v battery in the battery car. Next year I hope to replace this with a more rugged o gauge set. Don’t mind the tape on the engine. The shell doesn’t seat quite right, so it is a temporary fix.



Second photo.

Why the cardboard box? (

Joe Zullo said:

Why the cardboard box? (

Carpet fringe?

Exactly. The gears on the truck are open, so I went to extreme measures to protect them.