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christmas bounty

i got a bag full of chinese figures from one of my daughters.

and it is a first! in all those years, my daughters gifted me with stuff “for my railway” - this is the first time i got something that fits scalewise.

(she actually asked me a couple of months ago very innocently, in which scale i do model.

first dividends, her title as diplomated engineer payed off)

the painting of these figures is scary, there are many doubles, but with some playdo and new paint i will have decent figures.

and… there are some children in the pack. (in my experience, children are are very seldom found in 1:32 or 1:29)

Cool. I don’t get gifts like that.

yeah, it shows, that they think about what would please me.

Yeah, I have a bunch of those. Men mostly in suits, women mostly in skirts, kids mostly barefoot, and all of them looking like they benefited from a an excellent diet/exercise program (or never ate food that involved corn syrup or fat). I intend to use them in crowd scenes. But I have a lot of other figures.