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Chihuahua Landing

I have recently started my 4th On30 layout, Nos1-3 were abandoned because I could never get everything I wanted out of them. Looking threough the postings here and comoning to the realization that you don;t have to have a single large layout, tits quite acceptable to have a couple of smaller ones I set off on building No4 "Chihuahua Landing and planning No5 (to begin construction soon as I finally get the Ex moved out of the Living Room).

While Chihuahua landing might sound Southwestern in flavor, I assure you my focus is Eastern Narrow Guage inspired a lot by the ET&WNC and EBT, CL is part of my growing Cedar Mountain Railroad system. Its is going to be an industrial riverport town on the Big River with a car ferry (named the Chihuhua) that serves teh captive industries there. I also decided on Chihuahua Landing since my puppy and good companion Molly maintains her living quarters under the layout.

The ideas really began forming when I rediscovered a Timesaver I built from flea market parts stashed in the basement that was part of Layout no1, cleaned up and reworked it will be fed by an Inglenook Sidings type layout. I also was able to salvage about 6 sheets of 8x3 3/4 lumber from a demo project at work so then the sawdust began to fly…

These are the two 6 x 2 ft tabletops I made with the plywood that fit the space I had availibl, nearest to me is a desk I’m using as a dedicated O scale workbench (O scale stuff doesn’t play well with 1:20.3 in a cluttered environment)

Scuse the fuzziness of the photos, I gotta get a new battery for my camera, and an Iphone under low light conditions isn’t the greatest in the world. this is just the Timesaver tackage laying in place. I have since flipped it around, and its getting a bit of reworking to make it more operationally oriented.

This is the section that is gonna be the ferry landing now that the foam is in place. you can see I’m gonna have a small engine terminal area, and theres a loading unloading yard against the backdrop (or where the backdrop will be) I think I’ve decided that this is the final track arrangment. The water tower isn’t going to stay there I don’t think. I currently just have a block of 1" foam standing in for the Chihuahua at the landing. Today I’m finally gonna start tacking down the tracks and getting the feeder lines in. Its gonna be wired for Analog DC, DCC, and of course deadrail operations. more pictures to come hopefully!

Looking good so far Bart - but it looks like yo’ve blocked an exit. The RR fire marshal may not like that (

I don’t think that door has ever been opened, let alone used, for as long as I’ve been stopping by there.

Nope…the doorlock is broken in the locked position for about 20 years, and its a discontinued model that would require a couple hundred to fix and its an odd sized door equally requiring several more hundred to have manufactured and replaced…

Excuses, excuses ( have a second front door, that while it works we rarely use it. The outside steps are a handy place to stage RR construction materials, tools and junk. This of course blocks the door. Marilyn finally convinced me to make it available as an emergency exit last fall. Now I use it all the time to take out the trash since the cans are close by.

Hey Bart,

Always great to see your postings! Looks like nice work and good ideas!