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Checking the legitimacy of a vendor

I found some good deals on a website known as There’s a very good deal on an LGB 3063 coach.
With all the scams out there, I like to be cautious. I have tried to look them up, but I can’t get a definite answer.

Has anyone else purchased items from this company?


SCAM! Looks like they copy pictures and descriptions from things sold on eBay.

I like the “HOTLINE” phone number 234-5678 very creative!

Definitely smells fishy. The Contact page Rooster posted looks like a template and a lot of the information is still generic like [email protected]

The process I use to validate a possible vendor is:

Is there a physical address on the web site? I use this for the next step in my validation process… I check the address provided in Google Earth to make sure there is a building there, and see what the surroundings are like.

Next check is a BBB look up on the information I have. Business name and address information. If they can not pass a BBB lookup, I am done with them, regardless of how good the deal looks. If they pass a BBB lookup, I then call the business. Usually a scam will give me the ‘Snake Oil Salesman’’ feel when I talk to them on the phone. Most don’t pass the first two.

That is how I do it. Your mileage may vary.

I did that recently for someone on the Facebook G scale trains. They were looking at a deal on a train from a hobby shop. I looked up the address on Google and the street view was an average house. It did not look like a 10 hour 7 day a week shop and there was no hobby store sign in the yard.

You can also look up photos on google. If it is a stock photo of say a LGB loco it could be everywhere but a specific photo should really only be in one or 2 places.

One time I was interested in a boat and I took a photo from the ad and sure enough it was everywhere. it turned out the boat was not in my area as the ad had said but the “owner” had shipped it to Indiana in anticipation of selling it before he moved to Canada in a week. Dude I live on Cape Cod, THIS is the place to sell your boat for top dollar. It was all a big scam.
I have seen the same thing with Airstream trailers. If it sounds to good to be true it probably is a scam.

Tread cautiously.

I just about always purchase my G Scale stuff on eBay. If you look for stuff you want to come up for sale, it always does in time and at a price you will be ok with. On eBay you the buyer always have the upper hand, that is eBay take back the money paid to the seller and holds it till the buyer and seller work out the problem. eBay has some 500 to 600 LGB items come up for sale everyday.