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Cheap Horse Figures

Got these at Wally World for $10 each. They are about 2.25" at the shoulder. So about 13-14 hands high in 1:24 scale. Maybe a tad small but not too bad, especially for the price. There seems to be 5 different stances among the 8 horses and all different coloring, so a good variety. Not sure how they will hold up outside. Will have to buy some clear flat UV paint and hope it doesn’t react badly with whatever is coating them.

Took a bit to figure out how to attach additional photos. Not straight forward.

Went to Wally Mart tonight to get the kids’ school supplies. They had two more packages of horses with some new coloring and stances.

I sprayed one with rustoleum matte clear and set it out in the sun for a month. No issues so far.